Elevate  into Alternative assets with AUDA

AUDA is the native utility token of AudaSynth. AUDA can be staked for unlocking AudaSynth Memberships & for reducing the trading fees. AUDA provides many benefits and use cases to the community. Click here to learn more about AUDA tokens.

AUDA benefits

Stake AUDA for unlocking AudaSynth memberships, access exclusive events, airdrops and features. Combine AUDA with AudaSynth NFT for unlocking the ULTIMATE membership!

Use AUDA for saving on trading fee on AudaSynth and access monthly/annually premium features.

Save up to 75%

on trading fees

Save up to 20%

on vaulting fees

Receive up to  50%

on referral rewards

AUDA memberships

Tabella con righe nere
N° AUDA staked NO AudaSynth NFT HOLD 1 AudaSynth NFT
< 39,999 AUDA None Exclusive CLUB
> 40,000 AUDA LITE member LITE member + Exclusive CLUB
> 100,000 AUDA PRO member ULTIMATE member (max 1,000)

Different AUDA memberships gives different premium benefits. For a detailed version, kindly refer to AudaSynth documentation.

AudaSynth NFTs

Limited-edition NFTs used to access the Exclusive CLUB for dedicated high-quality contests and giveaways.

Total Capped Supply: 1,000 NFTs

The only way to unlock an ULTIMATE membership is to unlocking a PRO staking $AUDA, while holding 1 NFT.

Join AUDA Tokensale

Fill the form and submit your interest in joining AUDA tokensale.

Audasynth will soon start the 1st tokensale round! If you want to buy AUDA utility token, you are invited to fill the form. First come first served.

Deep Dive into AUDA Tokenomics

AudaSynth crafted its tailor-made utility token model in order to provide an exclusive and enjoyable experience to its users. Made by traders for traders.

Discover $AUDA in our official documentation and whitepaper (soon).

$AUDA most features will be available from day-one.