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A cutting-edge, regulated platform for synthetic assets and asset-backed tokens.

Our Products


Go long or short on any asset class in existence, while enjoying Synthetic benefits.


Access tokens collaterized 1:1 by a fully-backed and insured real-world asset.

Why Synthetic assets?

Unleash endless possibilities

Deep Liquidity

Enter and exit the market without any liquidity concerns. No slippage. No orderbooks.


Clear prices

Know exactly the price execution for each trading orders via Audasynth oracle-based pricing model.


Lower fees

Avoid costly management and performance fees. Access a clear fee structure.

Why Asset-Backed tokens?

Transforming what’s illiquid in liquid


Enter a liquid market, that was illiquid prior to Audasynth. Starting from a 1€ position.

1 : 1 Collateral

Acquire a tokenized assets which is collateralized 1:1, fully-insured and safely stored in our partners vaults.

No Paperwork

Gain easily exposure to assets which would traditionally require high capital and bureaucracy.

Our vision

The AudaSynth Blockchain #RegDeFi

A fully-compliant and privacy-focused blockchain.

Store, share and settle on-chain orders while preserving on-chain data privacy in a KYC/AML-friendly ecosystem.

A Hub for Developers

Build new solutions on Audasynth blockchain for accessing a ready-made compliant ecosystem.

Discover $AUDA

Unlock an exclusive experience by holding AUDA

Discounted Fee

Enjoy a discounted fee structure by holding a certain number of $AUDA in your account.

exclusive club

Access exclusive launchpads, contests, events and airdrops. Participate in Beta testing and much more.

Staking Bonus

Receive higher rewards from your staked cryptocurrencies.